Bronx Towing

Let’s face it, the Bronx is a big place, with a lot of potholes! Speed bumps galore! Curbs and other objects in the way. Not to mention the insane Bronx drivers. You need a Bronx tow truck on call for all your towing needs. We service The Bronx 24/7 and would be happy to drive you wherever you need to go. We can even make a recommendation if you need one. Us!

Towing in the Bronx

Whether you’re in Crotona Park or on Park Ave, call us immediately and we will scoop you up. We are located in Yonkers, right on the border of the Bronx and can be there in a jiffy!

Lock-outs in the Bronx

No one wants to be locked out, so we are here to help! Bronx roadside assistance is our game. Call us today.

Jump Starts

Extreme weather conditions can cause a battery to fail, even if it is not that old. Lights that were left on or a door ajar can contribute to a dead battery. No matter if you are home, at work or play, give us a call and we will head on over.

Car Lockouts

​Did you know that “smart keys” are often to blame for auto lockouts? These keys were designed to allow motorists to open and start their car key-free. But, many motorists are not aware that these keys are not “lockout-proof” as they may have thought. Often people will forget to turn off the car before exiting the vehicle and the doors lock behind them. Something that was meant to make it easier has actually made it harder for people not familiar with the mechanism of how smart keys work. Another problem car owners’ face with smart keys is accidental exposure to harsh elements or water. A key fob can stop working, thus becoming locked out of your car.

Tire Changes

​The roads around this part of the country are not repaired as often as they should be, leaving many motorists with flat tires. One wrong bump into a pot hole can leave a small or large hole or gash in your tire. Either situation most likely requires the whole tire to be changed to a spare until you can get to a repair shop as soon as possible. If you do not know how to change a tire or do not have the right tools, we are here to help. Our towing experts are experienced tire changers and can have it done in as little as a few minutes. If you have a wheel lock (and know what that is) please have that handy to speed up the process.

Fuel Delivery

​In our modern lives, we are often so busy, we overlook silly little things, like remembering to fill up the gas tank. Or have you ever said to yourself, “I think I can go another 10 miles on Empty!” We’re not here to say “I told you so”, we’re here to help. We will bring you fuel wherever you are and get you back on your way. But, be sure to save our number in your phone in case anything like that happens again!

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