Light to Medium Towing in Yonkers NY

If you have wheels, we can tow it. Heck, we can even tow it if it hasn’t got wheels. We specialize in light and medium sized vehicles and have all the tools needed to tow them. All vehicles need to be treated delicately as not to further any damage to them. When you call us, you are putting your precious vehicle in our hands and we take that very seriously. With over 30 years experience in towing in the Yonkers, Bronx and Westchester areas, we know how to take towing seriously. We are also licensed and insured just in case anything were to happen to your vehicle.

Yonkers Towing

If one thing is for sure it’s that driving in Yonkers can be hazardous. Not only are there potholes everywhere, but cars are double parked and people are crazy drivers. A reliable towing company in Yonkers is a necessity, and that is why you have us! Needing a tow is already a headache, so don’t add to that buy choosing an inexperienced towing company.

Avoiding Confrontation

After an accident or other road issue, call us right away. Avoid confrontation with the other driver if you are in a wreck and we will handle the rest. Just have your insurance card ready and we will call them for all the details. Easy Peasy.

If you were to need to take a trip to a medical center, have peace of mind that we are there to help. Leave your keys and we will take care of your vehicle and make sure it gets towed to the place of your choosing in Westchester or the Bronx.

Reliable and Compassionate Towing Company

Whether your vehicle skidded off the road into a ditch, or it no longer has wheels, we will recover it. Our mission is to treat your vehicle with care so that it does not end up with more damage as a result of the tow. Trust Yonkers Towing Experts to use professionalism and reason in every towing situation. Do not hire just anyone for your towing needs, as that would end up costing you more. If a vehicle becomes more damaged during a tow, that’s potentially more money out of your pocket. Be mindful of companies with little or no experience, as that can result in an even bigger headache for you.

This is like the crème de la crème of towing services. Your vehicle will be angelically lifted onto a flatbed, tied down and driven away, without having your wheels on the ground. Think of it as your car being lifted and carried like a baby. If you would like this service you can gladly request it during your phone call.

​Yonkers Towing Experts are a team of professionals who are trained and highly experienced in their field of work. We all know that experienced and professional work ethic always results in great output. Our company prides ourself on giving you a reasonable price so that you can enjoy our services with low rates. We always arrive at the place you tell us, whether it is the side of the road or your garage. We call you as soon as possible to know we have arrived and tow your vehicle to the nearest service center of your choice to get the services done from a trusted technician.

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